10 Reasons Why Online Dating Sucks

Let’s face it — we live in a world ruled by technology. The Internet has become our go-to guide for every little question we may have. It’s really no surprise that even when it comes to things such as finding love, we tend to turn to the online world.

If you really stop to think about it, online dating could be a great way to interact with new people, especially those who you would never have gotten a chance to meet outside of a dating site. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned.

Whether it’s catfishing or investing your precious time in someone only to find out they aren’t interested in a long-term relationship, online dating can leave a bad taste in your mouth. But remember, you’re not alone! After reading hundreds of online dating horror stories, we’ve managed to narrow down the top 10 reasons why online dating sucks!

1. Everyone looks stunning

stunning man and woman

Have you ever wondered how come there are so many gorgeous people on Tinder? How is it possible they haven’t found someone in the real world? Don’t worry — if you’ve spent some time on any dating site, you’re already aware of how much people like to use Photoshop and Facetune

To be fair, no one likes showing people their worst pictures. Even on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, everyone likes to present themselves in the best light possible. However, some people really like to take things to the extreme!

Not to exclude men, but in this case, women are usually the ones who tend to fix up their photos. It usually starts off with a bit of harmless blemish removal and ends up with a complete facial reconstruction.

2. Catfishing is a real thing

You may think that Photoshop is the worst form of deception there is. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong. Actually, one of the biggest reasons online dating sucks is all the catfishing.

Manipulating photos to make a person look prettier than they are is one thing, catfishing is a whole other game.

If you’ve heard of the show Catfish, you know exactly how far some people are willing to go when it comes to crafting their online persona.

Some people choose to catfish because they lack confidence. Basically, they use a photo of someone who they think is attractive instead of their own. Just imagine meeting someone online, starting a relationship, and finding out that that that person isn’t who you thought they were. That’s enough to put most people off online dating for good!

3. Online just isn’t the same as in person

woman in front of computer online dating

You know how some people are bad at communicating through messages? Well, it’s also possible for someone to be better at communicating online than in person.

You may think you have amazing chemistry with someone, only to find out you have nothing to talk about when you come face-to-face.

Another reason online dating sucks is that you might end up rejecting someone who can potentially be the one just because you don’t feel any chemistry with them online. Meeting in person is much better since you can actually get to know someone and see if there’s a spark.

4. You won’t match with everyone

On dating sites such as Tinder, you’ll see plenty of attractive people. You’re most likely to swipe right quite a bit. However, the chances of you matching with the person you’d like to meet up with are pretty slim.

On the other hand, you’ll end up getting plenty of other matches. Unfortunately, that means you’re bound to get plenty of duds too.

5. It’s all about looks

good looking man and woman

No one enjoys being judged by others solely based on their appearance. Obviously, we all have something more to offer. However, the first thing that people see on every dating site is your picture.

You can be the funniest, smartest, most generous person on the planet ― if someone doesn’t find you attractive, you don’t stand a chance. See why online dating sucks?

6. People lie about their success

Everyone wants to be successful in life. However, things don’t always go our way.

It’s hard enough dealing with failures on our own, let alone telling people about them. That’s why people tend to embellish some details about their lives on dating sites. You may think you’re talking to a successful doctor when in reality, you’re talking to a 40-year-old living in their parents’ basement!

7. You have too many options

too many options

Some people have trouble finding one person to match with, while others end up matching with too many people. That can end up being a disaster. You might develop feelings for more than one person and not know which one to choose in the end.

Similarly, the people you’re talking to could be doing the exact same thing!

8. You’ll get rejected…a lot

Brace yourself for a whole lot of rejection! Ask anyone why they think online dating sucks, and they’ll probably say it’s because of the rejection.

Getting rejected on an online dating site is pretty normal. However, that doesn’t mean it’s any less painful than getting rejected in real life. People look at your physical appearance and judge you solely based on that. Then, if you meet their criteria, they’ll start a conversation with you. If you don’t immediately see eye-to-eye on every subject, your match will probably move on to the next person.

9. It consumes all your time

watches, clock, time

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that online dating sucks because it’s time-consuming! Take our word for it — once you register for an account, you will end up spending hours looking for potential matches. Before you know it, you will start dodging calls from your friends and spending all your free time online.

10. It can be dangerous

Online dating sucks, that much is true. But, it can also be dangerous. Think about it. You can never be 100% sure that the person you’re talking to won’t harm you in some way. You could be talking to a criminal without even knowing it!

In conclusion

Growing up, you imagine how your life will be when you are older. You dream of meeting your soulmate and starting a family. You hope to have a romantic story of how you met your partner to tell your children. Unfortunately, meeting on a dating site is far from romantic!

In the end, online dating sucks because finding love through apps and websites probably isn’t something you thought you’d end up doing!