And you kinda remind me of a guy I would never message back.

+6 for opening with sexual abuse.

+4 for “you remind me of a woman who was sexually abused by several people.”

+8 for that tampon story. That’s… kind of awesome? But also fucking disgusting and crazy. I mean, fuck that guy, what a toad, but yeah pulling out a tampon in a bar is… something. If I were a random patron, I would be displeased.

+5 because you realize you just sent someone a paragraph-long message about your best ex-girlfriend, right? Someone you are trying to date? Someone who you are implying is maybe kinda like her, but obviously not as fearless and awesome? No. That is not how you get your dick wet (or bloody, as the case may be).

+2 for “respectfully.” Ha. Ok sure.