Everyone knows that child rapists are awesome in bed, right?

[So I’m not usually one to put warnings on posts since this entire site is  full of offensive content, but the following post is relatively graphic about child molestation. If that is not something you want to read, please skip].

+3 because ugh GOD this entire post makes me feel so disgusting.

+5 because I had two internal debates about this one: (1) Do I publish this because it is not really funny-wrong, just abusive-wrong, and (2) Do I take the guy’s username out? I always take usernames out, but I was tempted to leave this dude’s in. I went with “yes” on both counts, but feel free to tell me I’m wrong (we have comments now!).

+4 because does this fucking disgusting excuse for a human being think that any woman in her right mind will respond to him? Usually I can at least grasp the thought process that leads some moron to shoot off a stupid message, but here I’m just missing it. “I secretly want to violate all sorts of criminal laws as well as long-standing social norms by sexually assaulting my step daughter. Not only will I voice that desire publicly, but I will voice it to a woman I want to bang, who, as a functional member of society, is probably (hopefully!) totally repulsed by scum-of-the-earth child molesters. What could go wrong?”

+6 because the one good thing about this submission is the lady’s tabs. Good tabs, lady! Usually I would delete the extraneous stuff, but damn, I needed something uplifting.