Going out with you would indeed be slumming it.

Hi, you’re a good looking girl aren’t you??

As well, at the moment I am incredibly randy and you are warming my regions.

If you want hot embraces I hope you can squeeze me in.

I have been told I have some “ghetto proportion”

+4 for “I am jerking it to your Match.com profile.” Just what every lady wants to hear.

+5 for “randy” and “warming my regions.” Listen grandpa, if you’re boss enough to use the term “ghetto,” let’s update the Austin Powers lingo. 

+2 for “hot embraces.” That sounds… sticky. And not in the fun way. 

+2 for “I hope you can squeeze me in.” Oh I see what you did there.

+9 for “ghetto proportion.” I think he means he has a big dick, right? And that black guys have big dicks? And “ghetto” is now a synonym for “black”? Cool, I see nothing disturbing about that at all. 

+3 because someone should submit this guy to Yo Is This Racist? (Yo, yes).