I definitely support a woman’s right to choose to ignore this asinine message.

Speaking of planned parenthood. Did you know that in new York that 70 percent of abortions by african Americans were performed by plan parenthood??…..their doing what the klan couldn’t..lol.

+7 because there is a pretty strong correlation between “pro-life” and “racist.”

+6 for the most disturbing use of “lol” I’ve ever come across.

+5 for trumpeting bizarre racist/misogynist talking points on an online dating site. Who exactly do you think is GETTING those abortions? Is the implication that black women are kinda like the Klan except more successful? LOL. Very LOL.

+2 for fantastic spelling carnage. Clearly your shift key works, so why do only use it intermittently? And clearly you know that the organization is called “Planned Parenthood,” so why not just call it that?

+4 for thinking that it’s ok to send this message as a romantic overture.