I even have a Justin Bieber haircut.

Hello there.. How are you?? I know you are looking for girl but trust me i body type is thin and like a girl body.. U gone enjoy it..

+3 for straight guy hitting on a lesbian.

+8 for “I’m thin like a girl.” Uh… pretty sure “I’m interested in women” doesn’t mean “I’m interested in anyone skinny.” Fairly confident, in fact, that “I’m interested in women” has a relatively high correction to “I’m interested in pussy. Titties are nice too.” Not 100%, but high enough. 

+2 because since when are all (or even most) girls thin? 

+4 for “U gone enjoy it.” If your sexual skills are anything like your grammatical ones, I can pretty much guarantee that no, I will not enjoy it.

+3 because I realize that internet porn has destroyed common sexual sense for an entire generation of young men, but dude, just because “lesbians” on www.hotlesbiansluts.com will suck dick doesn’t mean that real-life lesbians want you (or any other man) balls-deep in their special For Ladies Only place.

+4 because aren’t there are enough straight women on the internet for you to annoy? At least give lesbians this one little break. It doesn’t make up for Prop 8, but it’s the least we can do. 

+2 because also YOU ARE A DUDE. C’mon son. Why set yourself up for this kind of disappointment?