I think you misunderstand the meaning of “I’m pretty much up for anything.”

My name is Joyce I’m 22 I currently go to school for nursing…. School is a passion of mine but no I’m

Not a nerd lol. I play guitar and write and record my own music:) I recently got out of a bad relationship and I’m ready to see where all the MEN are at:) I love to go out and have a good time and I’m pretty much up for anything:) I need some friends maybe more 🙂 hit me up! I currently will be joining the airforce to get a fresh start…. So as of right now I’m just looking for good people to surround myself with Untill I leave …..

However I must warn u … I am not into Full MEX, ASIANS or BLACKS or any thuggish type of individual …….so please don’t waste ur time trying I “persuade” me into trying it out lol… NEXT

anyways, i really just want to meet a really down to earth individual who isn’t afraid to take chances and make mistakes because if there’s one thing life has taught me so far its that you can learn if you don’t try.

+6 for normal, normal, normal, kinda boring, normal, kinda cheesy, normal, BAM.


+3 because who are these dudes who are like, “Clearly this girl is mad racist and uses a lot of smiley faces and doesn’t even really seem that cool, but I will persuade her to date me anyway, despite the fact that I am Full MEX, ASIAN or BLACK or a thuggish type of individual”?

+5 for equating Mexican, Asian and Black men with “thuggish type individuals.” Like our super-thuggish president? Oh wait he’s not “full” black so maybe it’s ok.

+4 for “lol… NEXT.” Indeed.

+10 for the Deep Thoughts at the end. She just wants to meet someone nice! And down to earth! And you can’t learn if you don’t try! Except when it comes to the Full MEX. LOL definitely don’t try that.