I’d be up for you never messaging me again

I have a question I’m here to try new things would you let me suck your toes and lick your ass hole I’m just trying to keep it real with you I really hope you not offended by my message you seem sweet I’m just trying to be true to myself or I can’t expect myself to be true to you and just because I want to be a little freaky for once does not mean I’m a Creep or bad person please don’t judge me by this one message 😉 So if your up for any of those two things or if you have anything else in mind just let me know I’m up for almost anything

+5 for being “true to himself” by using no punctuation other than an emoticon.

+2 for capitalizing Creep. Seems about right.

+9 for asking a stranger on the internet to allow him to suck her toes and lick her asshole, and having the self-awareness to realize it’s weird and creepy, but going for it anyway on the off chance she says yes.

+4 because there is no chance she said yes.