Just Want to Comment About Our Interview On

Just want to comment about your interview on askmen and the idea that it is easier to simply not respond to a message if you are not interested. As a guy (hopefully a fairly normal one), I would much rather get a short “thanks, but I am not interested’ message rather than having to feel like a creep checking to see if the person has been online and trying to guess if my original message had been received. Does this not seem normal and less of a waste of time for everyone?

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Good point! Opinions on this one vary – some people want a “thanks but no thanks” response, while others prefer no response. I think the key is, if you get a “thanks but I’m not interested” or are just ignored, let it be. The reason I don’t send “thanks but I’m not interested” responses is that I’ve gotten some REALLY hostile responses back, or had dudes try to argue with me. So it’s been easier just to ignore. But I agree the “thanks but no thanks” responses are perfectly nice and normal and also not a waste of anyone’s time. Unless the recipient of the “thanks but no” message gets hostile. Then it’s bad and weird.