My mother is Sally Jessy Raphael, which is how this whole fetish started.

Him: can i cum on those glasses

Her: Holy smokes I think I’ve seen you before on this! Hang on let me get the link

It’s somewhere on here!

Him: nah u never seen me


YUP! There you are!

Him: lol u funny

u still didnt answer my question,and the question was can i cum on ya glasses

shucks that must mean no


Her: AHAHAHAHAHAHA No. A thousand times NO. A million times no. No to the infinite power. NO.

Him: but honey why not 🙁


Her: That’s a disgusting question to ask a lady and your mother would be ashamed of you.

Him: just joking lightin up

i got your attention tho

Her: To mock you mercilessly over the internet, yes.

+10 because YES “cum on your glasses” guy is back! And he was directed to this site and still doesn’t get it.

+5 because this lady is awesome. Thank you lady for bringing this all full-circle.

+2 for grammar, spelling and punctuation carnage.

+3 for repeated “lol”s when he is being laughed AT, not laughed WITH.

+2 for “aw shucks.”

+5 for trying to pretend like this was all a joke, but then being like, “BUT I GOT YOUR ATTENTION! So… cum on ya glasses?”

+3 for her bringing his mama into it. Perfection.