Nah, Freud described insanity as “sending someone a fucking weird OK Cupid message and expecting that it will not be posted on the internet.”

Was it Freud who once described insanity as the state in which the unconscious mind is visible? 

I saw a girl the other day and here is what I saw: 

I saw her drunk dad eating gophers and her mom making fat-free 
wraps, made from fat-free refried beans and fat-free cheese and fat-free tortillas. I could see the years spent before a mirror, the trapeze act of her eyes that ends with the fat between her thighs falling on the ground, its spine broken, and the attentive audience of her breasts applauding. 

I think she was crazy. -David-

+10 for wait, SHE was crazy?

+3 for making absolutely no sense.

+4 for what in the hell does this have to do with dating? How exactly is this an appropriate ice-breaker?

+4 for a message that consists entirely of his personal delusions.

+8 for the image of the fat between her thighs falling on the ground, its spine broken. What?

+6 for “the attentive audience of her breasts applauding.” Alliteration is great, but does not make up for everything. Although I would love to see two breasts applaud. If someone can figure out how to do that, she will make a lot of money on the adult entertainment circuit.