Sorry, I only do disco sticks.

Okay I’m going to just ask and hope for the best….. lets be honest. Do you wanna hook up and fuck? You seem like my type of woman, personality wise. And I really like you. Sexy, free time college student here.. I’m NOT looking for a one night stand… I’m possibly considering a friends with benefits relationship. 

I just haven’t enjoyed the way I would want to with anyone yet, still looking for something promising, like a fwb relationship or something discreet that can be ongoing and not just a one night thing. She needs to appreciate my body and treat it right, I do have a six pack, I do a lot of track and running here at my college, so I’m a runner pretty much. I don’t see the point of anal if the girl just wants a big stick of love up right up stretching her labia apart… I like to take my time when I’m with my partner and not just rush into it all, like to caress her and tease her… a lot… before I even show it to her, that way she will want it more. But I haven’t found the right woman for that can satisfy me with what I need. And no one has wanted to meet me.. haven’t had luck 🙁

+9 for “no one has wanted to meet me,” frowny-face. So weird. No idea why.

+5 for “And I really like you.” Based on my extensive perusal of your online dating profile, I have determined that I know you well and really enjoy your personality. Now let’s bang.

+10 for “I don’t see the point of anal if the girl just wants a big stick of love up right up stretching her labia apart.” Anal: Yr doin it rong. (Also: STICK OF LOVE). 

+4 for making it clear that she must appreciate his body and treat it right by complimenting him on his six-pack and waiting to see his dick until she reeeeeeeally wants it. At which point she will presumably be less disappointed.