Sorry that online dating has distracted you from your busy life hate-fucking a blow-up doll.

Fuck you cunt, your a worthless piece of shit like all women. All I want is a relationship and sex. Report me and get me banned from this shit site again. So I can get some kind of little life back I had.

+10 because this is NEXT LEVEL SAD.

+3 for the lead-in. I’ve read a lot of terrible openers, but “Fuck you cunt” might be the winner.

+5 because obviously I hate this guy — my GOD what an asshole! — but also my GOD what a sad, sad asshole.

+4 because he could just delete his account…? But apparently someone has some serious impulse control issues.

+2 for “get me banned from this shit site again.” Emphasis on the “again.”

+3 because you know this same dude spends a lot of time on the Men’s Rights boards on Reddit, and when he says he wants to “get some kind of little life I had back,” that’s what he’s referring to. 

+5 for “All I want is a relationship and sex.” Hello, and welcome to why EVERYONE online dates. Except men who hate women and think that all ladies are “worthless piece(s) of shit” are notoriously unsuccessful at finding women who want to spend time with them.

+3 because even if I did enjoy the company of men who get themselves repeatedly banned from online dating sites for calling women worthless pieces of shit cunts, I would still have to reject you for using the wrong form of “your.” If you’re going to insist that I am a worthless piece of shit, you’ve gotta use proper grammar.