The sideways vagina admittedly makes things a little weird.

Always wonder what being intimate with a beautiful Asian woman would be like.

Care to talk?

+5 for creepy racism.

+2 because I have always wondered what being intimate with a mediocre-looking white guy would be like. Do you really all smell like Saltines? 

+6 because what lady doesn’t want to be a white dude’s introduction into the gloriousness of Asian Intimacy?

+3 for specifying that he’s curious about being with a “beautiful Asian woman.” As we all know, beautiful Asian women have totally different parts than ugly Asian women, and Asian women generally have totally different parts than non-Asian women. Right?

+2 for the “care to talk?” conclusion. Yes, I am sure she would love to chat with you, since you are clearly very interested in her as a human being, and are not at all using to take you on some sort of racial fetish safari.