This site is clearly reserved for pigs.

Fat cows should not be allowed on this site

+5 because really, that’s your message? That’s it?

+3 because is he calling her a fat cow? I think so? It takes a special kind of person to look at a person’s profile, decide you personally do not find them attractive, but send them a message anyway just to insult them. And then to not even make it clear whether it’s an insult or a simple observation. I mean, this took up at least five minutes of your life. Think about that.

+4 because at least we all know that this man will be alone forever, and will whittle way the remainder of his days leaving poorly-punctuated comments on

+2 because cows can’t type. Hooves.

+4 because the woman who submitted this message gave it an amazing headline, which I am stealing for this post. Thanks lady!