This was all good until you used the term “love juices.”

Subject: Erotic Massages

oh hi….can you feel me lightly kissing your toes as I am massging the bottom of your feet. now I am kissing the bottom of your feet as I rub the top of them. slowly I move my hands up to your ankles and gently rub them. now I begin to rub your shins. I slowly and lightly begin kissing your shins as I move my hands to your calfs. I raise your feet into the air so that I can begin kissing those sexy calf muscle, My hands make there way to your outer thighs and very seductively begin massaging. you try and spread your legs to make it easier for me to massage your inner thighs , but I pin your feet together with one hand and lightly kiss and rub your wonderful stomach. I slowly start to staddle your stomach as my hands begin to circle your breast! As I begin massaging the front side of your shoulders, I begin to softly kiss and lick your breast. Once my tongue rreach your harden nipples I gently bite them. as my hands move from your shoulders my tongue moves up to your neck. Where I begin softly sucking, nibbling, and kissing. I can feel your warm breath in my ear. Your breathing is getting heavier and quicker. I can feel you rocking your hips underneath me. as I begin to massage your hands I pin them above your head so that I can still nibble on your ears. I have your turn onto your stomach so that I begin to massage your back. I am straddling your ass! as I begin to massage the back of your shoulders. Paying special attention to just below the base of your neck, just above the shoulder blades. as I slowly begin massaging down your back I shift my body over your knees so that I can massage the full length of your back. You keep raise your sweet little ass up a grinding it on my throbbing cock! everytime you do I keep pushing your ass back down. to keep you from raising up I begin to massage that tight sweet ass. as I continue to massage your ass I spread your legs so that I can kneel in between them. AS I bend over you I lightly begin kissing your ass checks while still massaging it. I can smell your sweet love juices as I begin to kiss lower down your ass, I slowly then begin massaging your inner thighs. I finally let your raise up to all four and as you do I begin licking your love juices that have been flowing down your thighs. as you cum I try and swallow as much of your as I can. not being able to swallow all of you I begin to run my throbbing hard cock up your thighs to help get my cock lubricated. I slowly begin sliding my throbbing cock into your hot wet pussy. I begin to slowly withdraw it the full length of my cock. after a few more slow times in and back up I begin to speed up pounding my rock hard cock as far into your pussy as I can. has you are having your second orgasm, my fiery semen explodes deep into your tight pussy. as we both collipse next to each other you look over at me and say let’s get him cleaned up for round 2 yahoo [name redacted]

so it worth a try and now you can come massage me in real life okay!

+8 for the distractingly poor grammar that takes away from the dirty message.

+4 for repeated use of “slowly.” Thesaurus please!

+2 for “fiery semen.” Eew.

+3 so totally inappropriate. So so so.