When I said I liked watersports, I was actually talking about jetskiing.

Subject: Evening!

How are you today, how’s 2011 looking for you? I’m a wee bit drunk after an afternoon spent in the boozer! And enjoying perusing your profile!

This is gonna be a bit weird, but I am on here looking for a partner but who would have an interest in a bit of an odd quirk I have (or, kink, I guess, to be more accurate). It can be difficult to bring up once I know someone or face-to-face early on, and as I am drunk, I feel like life is too short to be too wound up about these things. So, please bear with me on this one and read it all and think about it before you consider running away from me!

Hopefully we find each other pleasing to the eye. Now I know a lot of people claim to be kinky and that’s cool, but I am looking to find someone to chat with (or, in an ideal world, more than that) with an open mind who will share one interest I have – bedroom watersports: I have a thing for wetting myself (as in peeing my pants) and want to find someone else who has done it or would be prepared to do it! Have you ever wet yourself, even if by accident when drunk? I realise at this point you may be wondering if I am serious I am. I am sure this does seem off the wall, but it can be quite a cool and hot thing when done with the right mindset (after all, sex is a messy and at times, odd business, and we all have different things that get us going!!)

This will probably make or break it, a little fantasy I have in my head imagine you are sitting on my lap and you can feel a desire to pee, but instead of jumping off and going to the toilet, you decide you want to be naughty. You put your hand to mine and motion me to lie down. You kneel between my legs and put my hands onto your hips. And then, looking me straight in the eye, you start to grin. It takes me a moment to realize, but I see the wet patch starting to form on your jeans, as you pee yourself. You move one of my hands down to touch your crotch, so I can feel the stream as it runs out into your panties and soaks your jeans. It is so warm and so wet. I am unable to resist, I pull you down onto me, while you are still pissing. Your warmth wetness soaks through and soaks me. We are locked in an embrace, our tongues passionately exploring each other, our bodies entwined.

Well, I really hope I haven’t offended you or freaked you out (though if I have, we probably wouldn’t be as good a match as I hope we could be!), and of course, I do hope to hear from you soon!

Yes, I am genuine if a little odd! Now your turn.


+10 for bringing it up in an online dating message with basically no warning, asking her to “think about it before you consider running away from me” and then writing it off as “a little odd.” Dude, it’s a PISSING FETISH.