You forgot to add, “Me luv u long time.”

I tooootally wanted to hit you with a ”hey babez I <3 video games and asians! Luv me nao puhleeze!” but apparently that stuff is unacceptable.

and I would try and impress you with some political learnings (should be a real word) but I only pay attention to politics when somebody fucks up in a hilarious way. i.e. congressman Hank Johnson…

so like, I’m totally empty handed right now. 

umm. sex nao newayz? =P

+5 for “I wanted to say an offensive thing, so I said it, but then acted like I wasn’t REALLY saying it.”

+6 for “I <3 video games and asians.” Let me guess: You also think that Japan is so awesome, right?

+4 for “I see that you have interests, but I am ignorant, so I’d rather just tell you about my Manga collection.”

+3 for “I’m totally empty handed right now.” I have a feeling your hand is on something.

+3 for LOLcat speak. Nothing gets a lady wetter.