You mean there’s more to it than just kimchi?

Hi there! 안녕하세요? I’ve always wanted a Korean friend, let’s go sing karaoke sometime together! You can teach me all about Korean culture

+10 for “I’ve always wanted a Korean friend.” And hey, you look sort of Asian, so you’ll do.

+6 for karaoke. All Koreans love karaoke, right?

+2 for the copied-and-pasted Korean phrase in the body of the message. That’s how he lets girls know he’s SERIOUS about his love of hot Asian chicks (and it seems to go over better than showing them his “Oriental porn” folder, which is odd, because it’s a really impressive collection).

+5 because you know he’s copying and pasting this message to any Asian girl on the internet, and changing a few details (Japanese girls get an offer to go watch anime together; Chinese girls are invited to dim sum and don’t worry he will TOTALLY order the chicken feet; Thai girls get offered massages; etc etc).

+6 for thinking it sounds awesome for a lady to go on a date and be an official Professor of Culture for a clueless white dude. I hope he lets her know how kooky and quirky and weird her culture is, but also, like, so much more AUTHENTIC, you know? He totally gets it. Something about Asian culture just feel, like, so RIGHT to him. He also studied abroad in Japan, so he can probably teach her some really cool stuff about being Asian. And being one of the only white guys in Tokyo was wild. He definitely understands what it’s like to be a minority after his four months there, so maybe he can bring that up too and they can totally bond.

+3 because when he ways “teach me about Korean culture” you know he really means “take me to a good bibimbap joint.”