You might have better luck with a devout Christian graduate of a Red State sex ed program.

+9 because who among us does not ideally want to end up with a lefty Christian gal who loves anal?

+7 because this guy has clearly been dating too many lefty Christians. If he wants ALL ANAL ALL THE TIME, he needs to find some abstinence-only education graduates. Virginity preservation ahoy! And twice the syphilis!

+5 because apparently you can have some pairing of lefty politics, you can have devout Christianity, or you can have anal, but not all three at once. Seems about right.

+4 because I hope she responded to tell him that, in furthering the Biblical prerogative to love they neighbor, she also loves giving anal sex and she hopes he’s her trifecta, and will submit to her as they both submit to Christ. Let’s see how lefty he gets then.