You misspelled “pedantic, idiotic and unoriginal.”

I haven’t seen that many people on here that are funny, intelligent, sexy and overall amazing. But enough about me!! haha 

You do seem pretty cool though. 

I’m Steve

+5 because although his real name appears to be Steve, his username is something similar to “Jayzon.”

+6 because although he is 38 years old, his age range for women is 23 – 28. Nothing wrong with an age gap, but when you won’t date someone unless they are TEN YEARS younger than you, and when your ideal partner is young enough to be your child, should you have been a star of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant?Hello, Issues.

+4 for the dumb joke opener.

+3 for “haha”ing at his own dumb joke opener.

+5 because either he’s been sending that dumb opener all around town for the past year, or he stole that opener from a different website that collects bad internet dating messages.

+2 for grammar carnage. His profile also indicates that he is in Academia (CAPITALIZED), so that’s… something. This teacher shortage is a real thing, huh?