Submission Guidelines for Dating Articles

Do you have an idea about dating that you think would make a good article for us here at the Annals of Online Dating?  

There are several types of articles that we are always interested in reading.  And we are always looking for smart, well-written articles about exactly how dating sites and apps work in the real world.

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The Cultural Side of Romance

Do you have some brilliant ideas about the cultural implications of our modern dating culture? 

If so you should probably submit that baby to The New York Times, The Nation, or The Atlantic Monthly, but if you cannot get your masterpiece published by one of them and jump-start your career as a public intellectual and “A list” invite to America’s geekiest parties will are willing to consider serious long-form non-fiction.

To carry off a long story it needs to be about something deep and meaningful.  A monkey can type three hundred words on almost anything, but good long-form non-fiction goes beneath the obvious and often runs to as much as 20k words. 

For us to consider an article like that it needs to blow us away.  It needs to be smart, original, and flawlessly executed.  These articles are difficult to write about dating because most of us think we understand it.

One of the best places to go to read incredibly smart, artfully executed pieces about dating is International Love Scout.   These pieces all link out to good evidence.  That is very important.

International Love Scout front page

If you are making extraordinary claims you need to provide extraordinary evidence.  A good cultural examination must be at least 4000 words.

Here are the types of articles that really catch our attention. 

Dating Experience Articles

First, we are always looking for new perspective and experiences about online dating.  Have you recently had a crazy experience when you switched to a new app?  That is a great story. 

Or maybe you have had awful experiences with every dating app you have ever used.  If you explain some of those experiences that that can be a great story too. 

These new perspective articles never grow old, because every time anyone tries a new dating app they are going to have a new adventure. 

Sometimes the adventure turns out great, other times it turns into a disaster, and a lot of times it simply fizzles out because you cannot get the app to work right no matter what you do.

Our readers can appreciate these stories because all of them have lived. The best experience stories are ones full of tragedy, triumph, and adventure. 

 So, if you have had that sort of an adventure, triumph, or even a tragedy, and you are willing to actually talk about it, write an article about it and submit it using the email address below.   These articles need to be at least 2000 words.

Dating Site Reviews

Reviews: have you used a site recently that you would want to write a review about?  It is important that you used the site recently because dating apps update constantly. 

Reviews need to explain how to use an app from the very beginning.  Go through the process step by step.  Is it easy to sign up for?  How long is the profile section?  Are there parts of the profile section that you cannot skip? 

These are important questions because no one likes to spend an hour filling out a detailed profile only to find out they do not like the app. 

Most people do not answer all of those detailed questions even when one of the main purposes of the site is to make you fill out a long profile like 

Then discuss ease of use.  Some apps are just difficult and counterintuitive. 

How is the page layout?  Is it easy to look at?  Today a lot of sites follow clean design standards because of the requirements of mobile, but that is not always the case.  

How is the quality of the profiles of the potential daters of the app?  There is a HUGE difference between various dating apps in terms of the quality of the profiles. 

Did you notice any profiles that appear to simply be scammers?  That is of course, extremely important.

Think about what average daters are looking for.  How are the photos?  Are they large and clear?  Do most profiles have several photos or just one?

And do the profiles have any additional information.  Some sites do a great job of this and others don’t.  For instance, Bustle, a site where women have to make the first move is generally considered to have the best profiles.

Bustle front page

Next how easy is it to contact the people you see on the app?  Are there enough users that it is actually easy to chat anytime you want to?  What is the average response time?  Explain what sort of tools the app provides. 

There are some real differences between the various apps.

Finally, just how much does the app cost.  It seems like every dating app hired the same guy who writes remote control instructions to explain their cost structure. 

Is the free version really worth it?  What do you get when you move up to the paid version and what in the world do they call their different levels. 

A good review is harder to write than most people realize, but if you want to give it can be great training for an aspiring journalist.  These reviews need to be at least 1000 words.

Story Pitches

A pitch needs to be long enough to show that you have a good eye for a story and the ability to execute your ideas. 

We will not consider story pitches less than 200 words long unless you have previously published an article on Annals of Online Dating.