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I’d be up for you never messaging me again

I have a question I’m here to try new things would you let me suck your toes and lick your ass hole I’m just trying to keep it real with you I really hope you not offended by my message you seem sweet I’m just trying to be true to myself or I can’t expect […]

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Jelly seems like a better option.

I’m not saying I’m chivalrous, but I’m polite. Before anal sex I’ll be sure to put some nutella or peanut butter on your butthole and lick it up. +8 because lining your butthole with a nut-based spread is extremely polite in some cultures. Right? +5 because this guy has definitely never had anal sex before […]

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Everyone knows that child rapists are awesome in bed, right?

[So I’m not usually one to put warnings on posts since this entire site is  full of offensive content, but the following post is relatively graphic about child molestation. If that is not something you want to read, please skip]. +3 because ugh GOD this entire post makes me feel so disgusting. +5 because I […]

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